Friday, August 04, 2006

Diet Date Night

Max and I have been working hard on getting fit, going to the gym almost every night and watching our diet (counting calories) for the past month. We're so pleased with the results, about 10lbs each, that we took the night off and went out. But we didn't just go crazy. Before we went out, I went online to find nutritional information for the restaurant we were going to - you'd be surprised how many places do not have any kind of nutritional information available(CPK, Fuddruckers, Austin Grill, Cracker Barrel).

In the end, we had dinner at Ted's Montana Grill. Max had eaten so little that day and so he was able to order whatever he wanted... Coke (232), a bowl of bison chili (500), pot roast with gravy (335), mashed potatoes (206), parker house rolls (180), and broccoli (83). I still had to be careful and so I had water with lemon, Bison Delmonico (395) without the lemon butter, broccoli (83) and sauteed mushrooms (96). We snacked on the Half Sour Pickles (2) while waiting for the main meal. The meal was fabulous and, except the broccoli, very very tasty. Afterwards I was full. I haven't felt full very often in the past month. In fact, I've been perpetually hungry and tired. But I'm losing weight! Can't stop now.

After dinner we went to the movies to see Clerks II. Very funny! Although if you're having doubts about getting married, you should not see this movie right now. Seriously.

As you might guess, there was no knitting last night.
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