Saturday, June 20, 2009

Run for the Rainforest 5K

Two weeks ago I ran my first 5k in 15 years. My goal was to finish the race without stopping. Amazingly, I did. Having achieved my goal, we accepted Missy's invitation and decided to give it another go. For today's race, Max's goal was to finish in 30 minutes. Yikes! Four minutes faster than our last race? Would it be possible? I just wanted to do better than last time.

When I sent the race information to my Dad, he asked me, "What does it mean when they say it is chip timed?" I explained that we would receive an RF tag to attach to our shoe that would record our time and then the results posted on the race website. His response is priceless: "Well, I guess marathons have gone high tech. We have come a long way form Sparta."

Here's the tag from the first race:

The chip for this race was different, more sturdy and reusable.

It started raining just before the race started but it felt good because it was warmer this morning than it was two weeks ago. At first, it was just sprinkles but then it really came down. So much so that I couldn't see so clearly... but we kept on going. The only time Max or I stopped during the race was when the other person had to retie their shoe laces (which had only come undone because they were so wet). 373 people finished the race.

#250 Max 32:39
#260 Nicole 32:50
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