Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New shoes

I went to Pacers on Friday to pick up my race packet. While I was there, I got a shoe fitting. Picked out the Nike Air Zoom Elite +4 from the three that I tried. They're definitely lighter than my old shoes and they feel more snug, in a good way. I roll my left foot in when I run, probably because I sprained my ankle in 2006, and this shoe is supposed to help compensate for that. Plus it's Nike+ enabled for instant workout feedback via my iPod nano.

Yesterday was my first run in the new shoes. They feel good but I didn't really notice the difference until I went for another run this morning in my old shoes again. Although it felt good running, my hips hurt and I could tell that my new shoes are better for me than my old ones.

Also, I found a way to map my run online. Automatically shows the mile markers and you can calculate your workout. I was able to create a new longer route to add to my training program. My usual route is 1.66 miles/2.68 km. The new one is a full 3.11 miles/5 km and includes a bigger hill. Max and I will probably run the new route on Saturday.
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