Saturday, June 06, 2009

Komen Global Race for the Cure

The weather was good but we started late. There were alot of speeches before the start, including an appearance by Joe Bidden (which was unexpected and pretty exciting). I've walked in the past... this year, Max and I started with the runners for the first time. We started out with my friend Angela but quickly she outpaced us and we lost sight of her. It was Max's first time running a 5k and my first time in 15 years. Almost every kilometer he would ask me, do you want to stop and walk?


I kept going.

Sometimes barely faster than people that were walking but my goal was to keep going as long as I could - and I completed the entire race without stopping. Not even for water. I almost lost all my juice after the 4km but then two friends, Missy and Eunice, whom I consider much better runners than me appeared from behind me. That gave me the motivation to pick up the pace. Then I heard Angela cheer my name from the sidelines. I finished strong, only seconds behind Missy.

It was tough for Max too and the fact that I wanted to keep going pushed him too. It's the farthest we've ever run together. Our finishing time was around 38 minutes. Nowhere near the times I used to run in highschool but then, I'm not 16 anymore either. I accomplished what I set out to do and I'm really glad I did.

There's another 5k on June 20... and I'm definitely thinking about it! :)
Updated to add:
Official results
Max 33:58
Nicole 34:00
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