Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I had a great time Monday night! Drank lots of sangria but not too much, hung out with a bunch of friends and opened more presents when I got home. Here's what I got from Max and my Secret Pal:

From Max: A mini loom for weaving, a Canada t-shirt (ironically made in Peru), Charmed Knits, Knitting Rules (purchased with the gift certificate I won from Lime Dragon), Rosewood knitting needles size 19, Rosewood knitting needles size 35, and new ear buds for my iPod.

From my Secret Pal: Victorian Lace Today (awesome book, love the patterns - so many things I want to make - and all the gorgeous photos... can't wait to read through it!)
I also received one from my best friend Kristina. These beautiful coral earrings from Australia:

And look, I've already started weaving!

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