Monday, June 11, 2007


The Odessa hat is coming along... it's a baby sized, so even if I'm using tiny needles, there is progress quickly. Started on the decreases last night so I should be done soon.

A/C update
Max fixed it before the repair guy came over, still I was glad to have him confirm it. Just need to run some bleach through the pipes and we'll be all set.

Driving update
Went out driving early on Saturday. Someone honked at me. Very disconcerting. Had to pull over and let Max drive. Need to learn how to deal with the jerks on the road but I'm still working up to that. Sunday, I went to the grocery store by myself again. And then I drove the both of us to the movies to see Knocked Up. No problems and I'm getting much better at driving in the center of the lane. Great movie.

Ankle update
My ankle is doing a lot better. I've been walking without the boot for two weeks now, just sneakers with a heel lift in my left shoe. Not all that professional for work but no one seems to mind. Going to start back at yoga this week. I can't wait!
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