Monday, June 18, 2007

Getting drunk on a Monday

All weekend, I got to celebrate my birthday without actually getting older. That ends today.

It was a pretty good weekend. On Friday, Max picked me up from work and we went to check out a farmer's market that we've never been to... bought some fresh baked bread and fresh mozzarella. Made for a yummy dinner! On Saturday we slept in and then made Paula Deen's decadent Hash Brown Quiche. It took a little while to make but it was SO good. Yesterday, I made pancakes for myself for breakfast (Max doesn't do pancakes). In the afternoon we went to the Alexandria Waterfront Festival. We had fun but it was way too hot to wait around to hear Uncle Kracker play, even after the frozen strawberry lemonade. Instead we returned home to cool off, I opened my presents from Max, and we watch The Devil Wears Prada on PPV. What a great movie! We both really enjoyed it, even Max. :)

Tonight we're going out for drinks with some friends to celebrate the actual getting older. This is the first year that I actually feel like I'm old. Drunk on a Monday? You bet!
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