Monday, June 25, 2007

Dinner at Restaurant Eve

On Saturday, Max and I went to Restaurant Eve for a celebratory dinner in the tasting room (June is a big month for us). Our reservations were for 8:30pm. We both had the 5 course meal, with different choices for each course. After we ordered the wine, a sweet German Riesling from Mosel, this plate came with compliments from the chef (pulled pork, deviled quail egg with caviar, and a very salty and crunchy bite):

After that, there was a very delicious roasted tomato soup. I ate it so quickly I forgot to take a picture. For the first course, "Creation," I had duck foie gras with brioche croutons and apricot in apricot sauce. Max had the House Cured Gravad Lax with Osetra and Manni "Per Me."

For the second course, "Ocean," I had the Gnudi Fritti with Pomodoro and parmesan cream. Max had the sauteed soft shell crab with chorizo and soft boiled egg cream. It was the first time he's tried soft shell crab and he said it was odd eating the whole thing, especially the little legs.

For the third course, "Earth and Sky," I had the roasted Oregon porcini mushrooms. Max had the beef spareribs with au jus sauce. Doesn't even begin to describe how delicious it was!

For the fourth course, "Age," I had Fivemile Town Creamery Ballybrie with apricot sauce and shortbread cookie. Max had the Garrotxa (a hard goat cheese) with heirloom beets and 100 year old balsamic vinegar. He said it was sweet.

After the fourth course, came another dish with compliments from the chef, a lemon grass panacotta with raspberry jelly and a raspberry on top. Subtle flavors, very tasty!

For dessert, our fifth course, "Eden," I had the Sacher torte with apricot sorbet and cherry sauce. Max had the cheesecake with raspberry sorbet and hazelnuts.

Following dessert, I had decaf coffee (it was almost 11pm!) and Max had an espresso. With that, there was another complimentary plate: tiny shortbread cookies, dark chocolate and pistachios, tiny profiteroles, and dark chocolates.

The meal was decadent and indulgent, delicious, and definitely an experience that I would love to repeat. Now I know why it was so difficult to get reservations!
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