Thursday, March 01, 2007

Resolutions update

  • - use more yarn from my stash (especially the good stuff!)
  • - finish one of my UFOs
  • - use my new sewing machine
  • - use my new ice cream machine
  • - make a good loaf of no-knead bread
  • - lose my holiday weight
  • 1) Done
  • 2) Still have not even touched one of my Unfinished Objects.
  • 3) Still have not even opened the sewing machine box yet.
  • 4) Done
  • 5) Done
  • 6) Still working on this one too. Although I've been going to yoga twice a week, since Max started his online classes, our trips to the gym have all but disappeared. Starting today we're going back to the food diary and counting calories. That should hopefully help.
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