Thursday, March 29, 2007

Heads or tails

Heads Heads

I finished the project I was making using Lily cotton yarn. With the leftovers, I made this headband for myself. The cables change all throughout and the edge is double crochet. It's a little bulky but I like it.

Monday night I was pretty exhausted from my day at the office unpacking... over the weekend, almost everyone in my division was shuffled and redistributed. We all had to move. Once home, I was walking around in my socks and slipped on the stairs. I fell and landed on my tail bone. At first it didn't hurt much but a few hours later, I was in pain. I stayed home to rest on Tuesday. Yesterday I went to see the doctor. It's inflamed but not broken, and only time will tell if it's cracked. I'm supposed to take it easy for the next two weeks so I'm gearing up for a weekend on the couch. Brilliant timing since I'm going to be flying down to Georgia next week.
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