Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My new blue

On Monday, I was supposed to have friends over for dinner. I was going to make wild mushroom risotto, sauteed carrots, and garlic bread. For dessert, pears with cranberry cheese and toasted walnuts. Sounds delicious right?

So there I was, at home after work, getting dinner ready. Since there was going to be four of us, I needed to use my 2 quart glass casserole dish to make the risotto. I melted the butter, sauteed the onion, added the rice and the next step was to add the wine. The wine I had chilling in the fridge so we could drink it with dinner. Not thinking, I poured the cold liquid into the hot glass vessel.

It exploded! And the rice caught on fire!

Seriously people, talk about my worst kitchen disaster ever. I have never made something explode in the kitchen before. I was in shock. But not hurt thankfully. Max was standing by, so he was the one who turned off the stove and the oven and removed the spoon from the gas burner. I then called my friend and told her what happened.

We went out for dinner that night.

The best and worst part of this experience is that the glass casserole dish is gone. This is the dish we use for our Thanksgiving stuffing. Which we need tomorrow. So last night we went out and bought this from Williams-Sonoma:

Definitely feeling much better about the whole kitchen disaster. It is so beautiful! And it won't explode if I add cold liquid when it's hot. Love at first sight. Now... what can I break next? :)

(Just kidding, Max)
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