Tuesday, November 14, 2006

America Recycles Day

Tomorrow is America Recycles Day. What can you do? Reduce, reuse, recycle. Here's just a few ways I try to reduce my ecological footprint:
  • -Metro to work
  • -At home, I recycle paper, phone books, junk mail, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic containers, glass bottles
  • -At work, I recycle as much paper as I can... and every so often I bring home empty bottles to recycle at home. I have my own coffee mugs to avoid using the styrofoam ones. And sometimes when I use the plastic utensils, I bring them home to wash and reuse.
  • -Reuse cardboard boxes until they are falling apart
  • -Reuse gift bags and tissue paper whenever possible
  • -Donate old eye glasses, unwanted books and magazines to be enjoyed elsewhere
Do you recycle? Yes, but only when someone reminds you over and over again? If you need another reason, how about this.
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