Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Darren!

Darren in Berlin, not wearing his contacts because of all the cigarette smoke Happy 28!

One by one, my highschool classmates are all catching up to me.

Darren and I went to school together during our senior year of highscool at The International School of Beijing and four years of university at The University of Toronto on separate campuses. I went to school downtown on St. George campus and he was out in Scarborough at Erindale. Our first year of university we talked alot, almost everyday. We were both within a local calling area, so calling each other was free. There were many conversations that started with, "You won't believe how drunk I got last night..." Whenever Max came to visit me from Boston, Darren would meet us downtown and we'd go to the movies or out for dinner.

Now that we're all working and I've moved to the US, Darren has come to visit me and Max twice - once in Boston for our wedding and once in DC last summer when it was unbelievably hot and humid. Plus we met up in Berlin for the ISB reunion. Whenever Max and I go up to Canada to visit my family we also make plans to meet up with Darren for dinner or something. Darren is a good guy - cute, funny, and single for all you ladies who are looking.

Please join me in wishing Darren a happy birthday by leaving a comment. I'll tell him to come by later and take a look.
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