Monday, October 02, 2006

This and that

The Cambridge Jacket
So I started a couple of weeks ago on the sleeves and had to frog and start over using smaller needles. After knitting about 8" and measuring the rate of increase, the sleeves were going to be too long before they were the right width. Frogged again and started over. The good news is I got to use my new swift! Yah! So then I started over again. This is the third attempt, so far so good. I just started the cap shaping last night and it seems to be going fine.

Needed to take a break from all the brown yarn. Once to cast on Marvin's swell hat and knit the first 12 rounds in blue. And again to do the colour work in blue and white. I love making hats! I measured the gauge on this 2nd hat (using size 6 needles and 88 stitches) and it is bigger. Will it be big enough? I'm going to knit it to the end and figure it out then.

The October issue of MagKnits is up. I love 12:01 (the pumpkin basket) but since I'm not really into felting, I don't know if I would ever make it. Not so sure about any of the rest of the patterns though. They're fine, just not catching my interest. Which is good. I have too much to knit right now anyway!
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