Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Two Swell

Yesterday my office was closed for Columbus day and I scheduled to have the carpeting in my house cleaned. The guy was supposed to show up between 12-1pm. He came at 3pm and left around 5pm. Needless to say, I won't be recommending him to anyone.

Just imagine alot of sitting around and knitting... not the worst way to spend my day off but it was so nice outside yesterday and I would have loved to knit in the park or something instead.

I finished knitting the Cambridge Jacket sleeves last week sometime. The bottom half of the back is finished, and I started the armhole shaping last night. That's alot of brown knitting!

To take a break I finished Marvin's Swell hat:

Swell top Swell

Second time around did the trick! This is size M, using size 6 needles. Fits my head perfectly but Max said he'd like a size L for just a little more room. He's not used to wearing hats (I'm not used to seeing him in a hat) and so this close fitting hat felt a little tight to him. I love how it looks!

Later this week, I'm flying up to Canada for my sister's wedding. Still haven't decided what to take as my knitting but probably it will be my project bag that I've been toting back and forth on the train every day. My commuter knitting has been mostly these tiny green wool scarves to go with these teddy bears I got from work. I have two so far but need more if I'm going to personalise them all for my family for Christmas.
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