Friday, October 27, 2006

Mom's Lady Eleanor

Lady Eleanor was completed some time ago, then machine washed and dryed right before I went up to Canada. My Mom was very happy with it, wore it to my sister's wedding even. Here she is posing with it in the garden on the morning before I left:

Lady Eleanor in action

My Mom and Lady Eleanor

What she hasn't realised yet (and I'm not going to tell her and you totally can't tell from the pictures) is that Lady Eleanor is a little tipsy. When laid out flat, it becomes quite obvious that the final shape in not rectangular. More like a trapezoid. If I had realised this before I needed to pack it into my suitcase for my trip, I might have ripped it back to make it the right shape... but it's really not that noticeable, and I was in a hurry. Just a personal design element, right? :)
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