Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Eleven years

On this day, eleven years ago, Max and I kissed for the first time in Xi'an, China. In highschool, there was usually the question, "Will you go out with me?" to determine that you were in fact going out with someone but Max wasn't one of those guys so after we decided we were in fact going out, we chose the day we first kissed, October 11, as our anniversary - which we celebrated every month following until we reached our one year anniversary.

Four years ago, on this day, Max and I had our wedding in Topsfield, Massachusetts. We were already married (at city hall), so for the wedding ceremony we renewed our vows and exchanged rings. Our family and friends travelled from all over the US, Canada, and China to attend.

On Sunday, unable to contain his excitement, I let Max open his anniversary present. This morning as Max woke up, at 6am, he whispered to me, "Happy Anniversary" before he left for work and I fell back asleep. Tonight we will celebrate simply with dinner and a movie.

On Saturday, Max will wear one of his new ties for my sister's wedding.
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