Wednesday, May 10, 2006

FO x 2

Kristina received her Green Grass Sweater yesterday and called me at lunch to tell me how much she liked it. Yeah! She promised to send a picture of her trying it. Here's some I took before I sent it off to her.

Green Grass Sweater Green Grass Sweater Green Grass Sweater

So that's one FO. The other FO (finished object) is my Patons Bella wrap. Just needs to be blocked. Very exciting.

And last night, I finally finished knitting all the parts of my MIL's bright red cardigan and sewed the shoulder seams. Much more remains before that one is done but the end is in sight. At least on the same page of instructions!

It's amazing... all year I've been moaning about how I haven't finished many items so far and then in one month, looks like there will be three. How does that happen?
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