Monday, May 22, 2006

Sleeves and suspense

I finished re-knitting the sleeves. The green line is where I ripped back to and starting the increases every other row (and then every 4th row) until it seemed wide enough. Definitely no science to it since I was too lazy to measure anything. Seamed the sleeves to both shoulders. And then the side seams - on one side. Would it fit? Oh, the suspense... it does! And enough give to fit a larger person (such as my MIL) as well.

IMG_0001.JPG IMG_0002.JPG

More suspense you ask? On Sunday, Max and I had lunch at the Olive Garden and went to see two movies... M:i:III and The DaVinci Code. Both were good. Really good, just in different ways.

The action was so fast, so engrossing, so explosive that I totally forgot that Tom Cruise was a freaky scientologist. It was just about Ethan Hawke, running, shouting, screaming, jumping, and shooting. Michelle Monaghan was good too. And it had Jonathan Rhys Meyers (he played the girl's soccer coach in Bend it Like Beckham). The suspense was like hanging off a bridge by your fingernails - in high wind and bombs exploding.

The Da Vinci Code
Tom Hanks was good but I still wish they had cast Harrison Ford. Ian McKellan was great as Sir Leigh Teabing. It was a surprise to see Paul Bettany as Silas but he pulled it off well. My only complaint was that he did not have the pink eyes of an albino. The suspense was higher but the action was... calmer than M:i:III and, to my delight, followed the book quite closely. Some of the best parts for me was actually getting to see all these places that Dan Brown had written about - Definitely go see it!
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