Thursday, April 27, 2006

German words I learned (or knew) on the trip

Apfel (Apple)
Biere (Beer)
Bitte (Please)
Blau (Blue)
Brote (Red)
Coke (Coke)
Danke (Thank you)
Deutch (German)
Döner (Kebab sandwich)
Doppel (Double)
Ein (One)
Eis Creme (Ice cream)
Gesundheit (Bless you/Health)
Guten Tag (Good day)
Haus (House)
Ja (Yes)
Kaffe (Coffee)
Käse (Cheese)
Nicht/Nein (No)
Passportkontrolle (Passport Control)
Stop/Stopp (Stop)
Straße (Street)
Wall (Wall)
Wasser (Water)
Weiss (White)
Wit gaz (Carbonated)
Wurst (Sausage)

Edited to add: Toiletten (Toilets)
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