Friday, April 21, 2006

Berlin: Part Two

I don't know the German word for two. Where were we? [Checking yesterday's post and the pictures]

On 4/15, most of the group made it down to the cafe for breakfast. Some looking worse for wear than others. I sat with Max, Melissa, and Peter. Very little talking, we just drank our coffee and waited for our brains to wake up.

Waiting in the courtyard of the Pegasus Hostel

We took the subway to Potsdamer Platz. I rode with Darren as his "guest" on his ticket. Not that anyone checked. There's a great group photo on Mattie's camera. After we walked over to the Sony Center, the group split up into smaller groups. I stayed with the "let's sit outside in the sun, relax and have coffee" group... Max, Jan, Inga, Linda, Anthony, Vince, Darren, Hary, Tilman, and Peter. There was Döner. After awhile, we took the subway back to the hostel. I took a nap for a few hours. Anthony and Tilman were playing ping pong in the court yard when I woke up.

For dinner we had Indian. I was a little afraid that, even though I took Zantac before we started eating, my stomach may not be able to handle it. And with 20 other people, I didn't want to be the one person who made everyone else eat somewhere else. At our end of the table, Mattie, Ida, Anthony, and Max decided to order off the menu instead of getting the fixed price menu. We ordered nan, garlic nan, rice (of which I ate alot), tandoori chicken (tried a little and it was not bad), spinach and cheese (seemed too risky to try it), and a duck dish (that was only a little spicy and very tasty). We also had white wine and a mango mixed drink that was good.

After dinner we took the subway to meet Celia at a bar, San Remos. It was the last night the whole group was together. Hary convinced Darren to move to Australia. More pictures were taken. It was very smoky and half the group left around midnight (drinks in hand) to go back to the hostel to drink. It was a very late night, just talking and drinking. Mattie and Tish said their goodbyes since they were leaving in the morning before most people would be awake. It was sad for me seeing the group start to break apart.

To be continued...
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