Monday, August 26, 2013

Parties, shopping and a visit to the Harley Davidson dealership

This weekend was a lot of fun and so, so busy! Friday night, Max, Leony and I went to a cookout hosted by the host family of the other German exchange student in Alexandria. We met so many good people and the Tomato Tart was a hit. And Max had his first "Dad Moment" giving Leony some money to get ice cream when all the teenagers decided to walk over to The Dairy Godmother after dinner.

Saturday there was a huge block party at our house with music, a bouncy house, a (planned) visit from the local fire truck, tons of food and beverages, and, after dark, a movie projected on a sheet. So much fun! We were out there from 1pm until 11pm (though I did take a nap from 5-7). One of my coworkers came for a few hours and brought her teenage daughter and two of her friends to meet Leony. They go to a different school but I think Leony had fun talking with them and they exchanged info so that's a good sign. :)

Yesterday we went to the West End Farmers Market to get some fresh, local produce. Max and Leony also had a sausage biscuit for breakfast. Plus we bought some cookies from Great Harvest.

When we got home, Leony and I put together our new couch from IKEA. Didn't need Max's help at all! :D Then we went to Pentagon City Mall. Leony definitely had fun shopping at Macy's. Check out my new dress:

Then we went to the Harley Davidson dealership. Max and I have a friend who works there who gave us a
tour of the whole place. Leony picked out some cool HD stuff and had her picture taken sitting on our friend's bike. She was so happy! :)

A very good weekend.

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