Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How to take a TB test in Alexandria, Virginia

Bring with you:
- photo ID
- immunization records
- $22.39

1) Arrive early and be there when the office opens. Leony and I were there 15 minutes before it was open.

2) Get a letter. This is your place in line. We were "B."

3) Fill out a form. Give the form to the clinic staff, keep the letter.

4) Wait for them to call your letter. This could take awhile. They do not necessarily call you in alphabetical order. I guess it depends on what your form says.

5) Once you are called by one of the staff, you will follow them back to their office. They will copy the information from the form you filled out to another form that they must fill out. Then they will ask you many questions. How you answer depends on how long this step takes. When all the questions have been answered and all the forms have been filled out, the person getting the test will sign twice.

6) Then you go back to the waiting room and wait.

7) Eventually they will call your last name. They will give you something to take outside the clinic to the main desk and pay $22.39. If there is someone available to take your money then this step is quick. Otherwise, not so much.

8) Once you've paid, you bring it back to the clinic and they will either have you take the test or, like Leony, give you a form saying you are a low risk and do not need to take a test. Then you're done!

Expect to be there for at least an hour. Longer is more likely.
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