Monday, August 19, 2013

First impressions of our exchange student

So far Max and I are really enjoying having Leony stay with us. She has been polite and helpful, cheerful and excited. Her English is pretty good and aside from a few words here and there, we have not had any trouble communicating with her. Max and I have enjoyed showing her around and introducing her to the different aspects of American culture.

Friday we went to Whole Foods and she was really glad to see all the fresh produce. One of the American stereotypes she had was that it was very difficult to get fresh fruits and vegetables. For lunch we went to Red Rocks in Alexandria. Delicious pizza! We also went to visit the two Little Free Libraries in Del Ray, which she thought was really cute.


She also got her pass to our community's pool and fitness center for the year. Every step she seems so excited. That night we watched Remember the Titans.

Saturday we went to Potomac Mills for some shopping, had lunch at Silver Diner, a little shopping at IKEA (which she said it very similar to the one in Germany) and then to Costco. That was fun! :)

She's handling the jetlag well and I think she'll be fine by the end of the week. Tomorrow she'll be meeting another German exchange student going to her high school as well as some of the other students that go there. We also have plans for Friday for more of the same. And Saturday there's a big block party where she will finally meet all of our neighbors.

It's a really good start!

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