Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My first "Mom Moment"

Tonight there was a pizza/pool party for one of the other exchange students going to Leony's school and his host family invited her to come and meet him and some other kids that will be going to the same school. I knew that the host Mom was out of town but I thought I would meet the host Dad there. Instead when we showed up there was a bunch of teenagers chowing down on pizza but no adults. When I asked where the host Dad was, the other exchange student said he was gone. This took me a minute to compute. I thought he would be there with the two other children and that I would hang out with him while the kids got to know each other. Nope. Okay. Not knowing what else to do (because it would be super weird if I had stayed), I told Leony I would pick her up at the end of the party.


Had to call Max immediately and tell him. He laughed and called me Mom. Ha ha, guess I am!
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