Monday, January 02, 2012

What I did during my Christmas vacation

There was time with family...


Baking and decorating cookies.
A visit to Toronto's Distillery District...

On Christmas we had dinner at my parents house. On Boxing day we had breakfast and a late lunch with everyone at my sister's house. Chloe received lots of toys - which we all had fun playing with! :) Max, my parents and my brother went to see a comedy show at Second City - SO funny! Max and I went to the movies with two of my cousins to see New Year's Eve. It was good! Better than Valentine's Day. Watched many movies at home with my family including Rio (really good), Arthur Christmas (loved it), Dot it with an I (which was weird), Ides of March (good but sad) and the Muppets movie (awesome).

My Dad sums it up (much better) in detail:

Max and I were at my sister's house on New Year's Eve. Yesterday, my family had dinner together at a Chinese restaurant before we went our separate ways... my brother back up to the frozen north... Max and I going south to Virginia.
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