Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!

Highlights of 2011:

  • Helped my Dad start his blog, open a shop on Etsy, and create a Facebook Page for Bayshore Woods
  • Weekend trip in March to Costa Rica with Max and some friends
  • Short trip to Salt Lake City for work which included getting together with a friend from high school
  • Week long trip in May to Kansas for my high school best friend's wedding which also included the filming of a Food Network show
  • A whirlwind weekend in New York for my birthday including two fancy dinners and a Broadway show
  • A short but hectic trip in June to Las Vegas for work
  • Week long trip in July to Canada to meet my niece and spend time with my family
  • Week long vacation in October with my husband in the Caribbean on the Disney Magic
  • Two new additions to our family in October - our new kitten Momo and a lizard that we named Mr. Gecko
  • A Cirque du Soleil show for Max's birthday
  • A week long visit with my sister and my niece for Thanksgiving which included going to see Santa, ICE! at National Harbor, and a photo shoot
  • Another whirlwind weekend in New York in December to see the Rockettes and a one man Star Wars show on Broadway
  • Discovered an egg in our lizard's cage, so the name has been changed to Ms. Gecko
  • Two week vacation in December to spend time with my family in Canada for Christmas and New Years
  • Completed some knitting projects that had been languishing for some time
  • Saying goodbye to friends (because they moved) and meeting new ones (at the West End Farmers Market)
  • Reading some really great books like Water for Elephants and Peony in Love
  • Watching some really great movies like Midnight in Paris and The Help

What's in store for 2012:

  • No resolutions but I want to check something off my bucket list
  • Momo gets "fixed" this week
  • Weekend trip in February to visit my niece in Canada
  • Most likely a weekend trip to New York in March or April
  • Maybe a visit from my sister and niece in May
  • A possible trip to Atlanta in June
  • Probably a week long trip to Canada to see my family in July or August
  • A weekend trip to Philadelphia in October for a friend's wedding
  • A visit with my parents over Thanksgiving that will apparently include renovating the half bath in the front hall
  • Hopefully a trip to Hawaii... not sure when but I really, really, really want this to happen before the year is out!

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