Thursday, July 02, 2009

Red Scarf Project

It's that time again... here's the rules:

The OFA will take scarves from September 1-December 15, 2009. Approximately 3,500 scarves are needed.

Please remember QUALITY. This is not for beginner knitters or crocheters.

The goal is for gift-worthy tasteful unisex collegiate scarves for middle class American college students -- something they would feel proud to wear, just as if they were your own college-age son, daughter, or grandchild -- using the following guidelines:
  • * 5-8 inches wide
  • * 60-70 inches long
  • * RED! is the MUCH PREFERRED COLOR. Other tasteful UNISEX colors are acceptable, but RED is PREFERRED. Absolutely NO PINK or LAVENDER, and no colors that the general public might not like. Yellows, oranges, and certain shades of green... some people love those colors - other people don't.
  • * UNISEX, please.
  • * Soft yarns, a drapey gauge, evenly knit or crocheted
  • * Does not have to be machine washable (but please include washing instructions)
  • * DK or light worsted weight is the preferred weight
  • * NO BULKY or SUPER-BULKY (it does not fit in the care package boxes)
  • * No felted scarves.
  • * No used scarves.
A little daunting, right? Well, no matter. Norma has kindly suggested some patterns but since I seem to be on a roll with the scrappy lengthwise scarf, that's what I'll be knitting. And it's Norma approved! In her own words:
Oh, that is GORGEOUS! I love that stitch that looks woven. Awesome choice. I love it, too, when people can think on their own. :) I'm psyched about it, and may make one of those myself.
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