Monday, July 27, 2009

More from Canada

I had a great trip with my family. The wine tour of Niagara with my Dad and my brother was a lot of fun.

My sister took me by one of my old elementary schools and I was thrilled to see how the area has improved since we were kids. My Mom kindly repaired two of my summer dresses so the frayed edges no longer show. I went running several times in cool, not at all humid weather which was a welcomed treat. Saw most of my cousins. And my brother's new apartment - it has a view of Lake Ontario!

The only thing I did not do that I really wanted to was go to Toronto but because the garbage strike has been going on since the beginning of July, I really didn't want to go to see giant piles of garbage. Damn greedy bastards... no one gets to keep their sick time until retirement!
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