Saturday, July 25, 2009

Random updates

Max ironed my first red scarf while I was away. It's been "killed" for added drape. Here's the before and after:

IMG_8565 IMG_8712

Also, when I got to my parents house, my Mom had a project there waiting for me. She bought some yarn (Red Heart Super Saver, ugh!) to match her couch and wanted a blanket. The only needles she had in the house were 8mm/US size 11 so I cast on as many stitches as possible and started knitting in linen stitch. It's 60 inches wide and when I left it was 15 inches long. Only 56 more to go! If only it weren't so scratchy... but I understand why she picked it. The blanket will cover her entire couch and it probably only cost $13.


The weather in Canada was great for running... cool and sunny. It was nice to run somewhere new for a change. Tough coming back to the hot, humid weather of DC though. My third race is tonight. I'm running the Crystal City Twilighter 5k. Wish me luck!

My newest achievement is backing out of the garage. Doesn't sound like much right? Our garage is pretty small. When you pull in, you can't open the doors all the way or you'll hit them on the wall. Pulling out is pretty tight and Max stood in the driveway to help me. I was okay though and did just fine.
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