Friday, July 24, 2009

Honey, I'm home!

I got back on Wednesday night... didn't blog from Canada because I couldn't upload my pictures - plus I was pretty busy most days. It was a good trip. Got to spend a lot of time with my Dad, which was really great. My Mom had to work but we still spent some good time together, same with my sister and brother. Also saw some of my cousins and went shopping. And yet still managed to keep up with my running routine. Though there was some yummy foods too!

Lunch: Tim Horton's combo (coffee or pop, a sandwich, and a donut). I had a Canadian Maple. It has a cream filled center.

Dessert! My Mom mad a nectarine, blueberry and raspberry pie. It was good.

Icewine from the winery my brother works at. Yummy! It's very sweet.

Chinese coconut buns for breakfast. My favorite!

A Chinese feast: egg rolls, beef tongue (my favorite), baby bok choy, vermicelli noodles, roast duck, and BBQ pork.

Dim Sum with my parents, brother, sister, and her husband.

Milk in a bag. And apparently filtered milk is all the rage. I don't think we have that in DC.

Amazingly because I kept up my running, between 2-6 miles most days, I didn't really put on any weight.
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