Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nature Mill update

I'm a little lazy when it comes to adding to the compost, not usually breaking up pieces into smaller bits like I should so I often find myself having to attend to the red "jammed" button. Max finds it bothersome, even though he never touches it and I'm the only one who ever fixes it. Even with the wood chips and baking soda, it's still smelly so we keep ours outside. I don't minLinkd though... for the little gardening that I do, taking care of my Nature Mill feels like tilling the land. Our BBQ meat fork has been repurposed as a garden fork to move all the dried bits from the corners to keep the contents moving at an arm's length.

I feel like it reduces the amount of garbage we throw out but Max only thinks that it has reduced the number of times we empty our garbage because all the smelly stuff is in the compost instead. Whatever. It works for us.
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