Sunday, October 05, 2008

White knuckle terror

It's been awhile since I've been driving, probably a couple of months. That was a mistake. I got out of the habit and lost some of the instincts needed to not be so scared out of my mind when I'm driving.

Yesterday was the first time out. In an effort to be confident and just go for it, I decided on a route that I had never driven - that even Max had never driven - but on the map it looked straight forward... drive all the way down one not so big road and then there were some turns and a few smaller roads at the end. The map can't show that the road is hilly or that it feels much windier than it looks. Ugh. We made it to our destination but I was completely shaken and I even scared Max. Ha! Still, he said I did fine. Probably drove slower than everyone else on the road liked but I was driving at just above the speed limit, no one beeped or honked or yelled at me. Definitely white knuckle terror.

Today we left the house at 8:30am and the goal was to drive to a friend's house and back, which meant going on the highway for a few exits. Getting there was okay. I did better last time but it was also earlier and there were almost no cars. Today there still wasn't alot of cars but it felt like it by comparison. On the way back, it was the first time I had ever driven it. Again I did fine but I was scared as hell, which made Max really scared as well... he kept saying, "You're doing fine. You're doing fine. You're doing fine." By the time we got back to the house, less than 30 minutes later, I was completed soaked through with sweat. Still, I did it. White knuckle terror and all.

It's Sunday people... stay off the roads because the lady drivers are out! :)
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