Thursday, October 23, 2008


Three Most Favorite Green Things Ever:

1) Being a positive influence on friends and co-workers. Today a friend brought her own insulated coffee mug to an all-staff meeting so she wouldn't have to use a disposable cup. As a bonus, it probably stayed warmer than everyone else's. Also, my office is working on getting rid of disposable styrafoam cups. That will totally make my day when that finally happens.

2) Email. What a great way to stay in touch with my family and friends without having to waste paper and postage sending letters, cards and photos in the mail. Which reminds me, I should start putting together my holiday e-newsletter soon.

3) Green Dimes and Catalog Choice. It took some time but I have noticed that the volume of junk mail and catalogs being sent to me has been greatly reduced. And while I love looking through all the holiday themed mailings, it's not such a sacrifice to not receive them. In a few weeks, it will be everywhere anyways and so much to enjoy the Christmas decor in person. And "reduce" is the first of the three R's.
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