Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend in LA

We got in late last night... but let me tell you, it was a good trip.

Got up early, even earlier than a regular work day, and took a cab to the airport. Checked in, went through security, found our gate... and then were told that our flight was delayed. Oh well. Checked our email on our phones while we waited and then spent the next 6 hours sitting on a plane (unfortunately in the row in front of the exits so the seat did not recline). I must say though, that was the worst part of the trip. From there it was all uphill. The hotel was in Redondo Beach and we had a view of the ocean from our room. We had a bite to eat at Ruby's and walked around the Redondo Beach Pier, rested and then met up with Brian and Lindsay.


Got up early again, but this time for Disneyland! We were there before the park opened waiting at the gates with the rest of the crowd to be let in. Breakfast in the park with the characters, rides, shopping, and lots of walking until 5:45pm. Dinner at Napa Rose was wonderful and we lingered until 8pm. A little shopping in Downtown Disney and found some cufflinks for Max (that he had forgotten to pack) and then we watched the fireworks from Main Street. It was magical - and I don't care if you think that's cheesy!

Brian and Lindsay's wedding was at La Venta Inn. What a beautiful location! A cliff on a hill overlooking the ocean - I can see why Clark Gable used to go there to retreat. It was a morning wedding and the weather was perfect. I cried during the ceremony. Of course. :) There was a reception and an after party... a whole day wedding as it were. Max and I had fun, talked to many of the Mackey clan and some of the Taylor family as well.

Breakfast at Ruby's, quickly packed our bags, checked out and luckily got to see Brian and Lindsay before we left for the airport.

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