Friday, October 10, 2008

Constant Princess

I just finished reading Constant Princess by Phillipa Gregory and shared it with a friend who also enjoys her books. She alerted me last Thursday that there was a live chat with the author on Washington Post.

Here's my question:

Alexandria, Va.: Are you able to do your research in other languages? If not, do you find this to be a barrier?

Philippa Gregory: No, I am so sorry that I can speak French enough to muddle through but I am not good at reading, and I cannot read any other European languages at all.
Fortunately all the Tudor documents are translated into English and published in full by the Victorian historians and I can read them, but it does mean that I don't really dare to work on the history of other countries.

She also answered my friend's question:

Waldorf, Md.: Ms. Gregory, I was first introduced to you back in college (2003) and got started on "The Other Boleyn Girl", a fascinating story and so well written! I am also a huge fan of Showtime's series "The Tutors", are you familiar with the series? I know in terms of historical accuracy it falls short, but I think that like you it bring to life the real issues of the time and what women had to endure.

Philippa Gregory: I have only seen a few episodes of the Tudors and I agree with you that it is a lively show - I am troubled by the continuing slimness and good looks of Henry but I think we have to expect television to be entertaining and not necessarily accurate.

Also somewhat related, tonight I'm going to see The Duchess. I can't wait! Not Max though... he has a paper to write.

p.s. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad
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