Friday, June 20, 2008

Yellow hat

Oh yeah, so I finished the hat I started on May 4th.


And I used the Lion Brand pompom maker for the first time - best pompom ever! Fluffiest and fullest pompom I have ever made... until I made two more because I was so happy about it.

The yarn is Shepherd Colour 4 Me... a little scratchy but not too bad. I knit one less repeat than the pattern for the small size calls for and so it's smaller and pointier than usual. It will probably fit better on a smaller child. Not that I have anyone in mind yet. No, seriously I don't. Though probably it will go to a girl just because Max is not pro-bright colours for boys. But that's a discussion for another day.

Last night was my birthday dinner with Max, Missy, Eunice, Slav, and Hannah. I had a great time. Here's some of the highlights from my phone camera (since I forgot my camera at home). Just imagine everyone a little less blurry. I'll show you the good later.

Potential Radio Silence
Tomorrow I am off to Chicago for a lengthy business trip. Max will be home to care for the cats while I am having dinner with my friends Brian and Justin on Saturday and breakfast with my friend Nicole on Sunday. The rest of the trip will be hard work. I'll take pictures and share the fun/pretty stuff when I return. Until then, blogging will be sporadic... and probably pictureless.
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