Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nature Mill

Back in April, I bought the Nature Mill Pro automatic composter. The unit was on back order and it was going to take 2-4 weeks until it would ship. Nonetheless, I began saving compostable materials in my freezer. A month later I was starting to get a little nervous... why hadn't it shipped yet? Was it really so popular that the back order was taking this long? A quick call to Nature Mill revealed that this indeed was the case. Wow. The rep at Nature Mill gave me her contact info so I could check back later in the week to find out the status of my order. Later that day I received confirmation that my order had been sent out! Talk about great service.

The unit arrived while I was out of town and I had to wait until last weekend to start using it. The first batch is a little different from the rest, using 2 cups of dirt from outside, only filling half way with compostable materials, and waiting for a week to start using it for real. Here's what it looked like when we first started:



I'm a real fan. As far as I can tell, the Nature Mill Pro makes great compost, and is very easy to use. There is a little noise but if the TV or radio is on, it's barely noticeably unless it's mixing. The odor is only noticeable when you open the lid. Everybody should compost! It's good for the planet and great for the garden.

I can get you free shipping if you're interested. Just place an order at and enter my name in the comments area, then use coupon code FREESHIPPING847 in the coupon area. I also have a $30 off coupon.

Happy composting!
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