Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Public Transport

Max works out of two offices and, for the most part, his drive to work is short and more or less takes him past my office. So he usually drives me to work, which is great... we spend a few more minutes together in the morning before our work day begins.

The past two days he's been at the other office, which is not only far away but in a completely different direction, so I took public transportation to work. Yesterday, ugh, the weather was gross. Today though, since there was a huge downpour last night, it was great. Sunny and warm, but not too warm. And both days I got to read a few pages from The Other Boelyn Girl, which I am thoroughly enjoying.

Max and I have even talked about both of us taking public transportation to work... and it's quickly becoming a possibility, but not yet. Unfortunately, for all my talk about doing the right thing for the environment, this is one of my greatest weaknesses. Even in the summer when it's light out. It's difficult to trade a 10-15 minute commute for a 30-40 minute commute, even if the longer one is essentially free. If only I could work from home! :)
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