Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thanks Mom and Dad!

Not only was it great to spend time with my parents but while they were here, they did SO MUCH around the house! After repeated attempts to get them to just relax, I let them do what they wanted. My Mom was constantly cooking and washing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. Plus she did laundry and changed the sheets on the guest bed before she left. My Dad replaced my kitchen faucet, put in a new toilet paper holder in the guest bathroom, adding a dusk-to-dawn sensor to the exterior house light so that it only turns on when it's dark, checked my fireplace, got my bathroom faucets working better and added weather stripping to the balcony door to keep the cold air out - and the hot air in! He was even going to install new light fixtures in our kitchen but Max and I couldn't agree on anything. In addition to all that, they went to the gym almost everyday. And my Dad started writing a blog.

Not my idea of a vacation but they seemed happy about it.
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