Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thank you Giant

The letter I submitted to Giant Customer Service:

I want to thank you for opening your store on Christmas Day. If it were not for you, our Christmas dinner would have been all sides and no turkey. Here's the story:
I bought a fresh turkey from an unnamed grocery store and the expiration date was for sometime in January. So I put the turkey in the refrigerator and did not open it until Christmas Eve at 9pm. My husband and I had planned to brine the turkey the night before but when we opened the turkey, a sulfurous smell filled the kitchen. It had to be tossed in the trash. What a waste! We went back to the unnamed grocery store but they had closed at 7pm. And were closed on Christmas Day. That is when I started crying. Luckily my husband was driving and we went to Giant next. Although the store was closed for the night, it would open on Christmas Day at 8am. Hallelujah! Hope restored! So on Christmas day we woke up early and were at the store at 8:01am as the store opened its doors. We were in luck! They had a fresh turkey available! We paid and thanked the cashier profusely, rushed home to brine the turkey for a few hours before popping it in the oven.
It was a Christmas miracle. Our turkey was the centerpiece of the table, delicious and juicy. And although there would have been plenty of food without it, it just would not have been the same.

Thank you Giant for making my Christmas a joyous one!
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