Thursday, February 26, 2009

Canada loves Obama

I got this email from my Mom yesterday:

"Just wanted you to know that your President had a successful trip to Ottawa. They have gone Obama crazy after he left. On his return to the airport, he went to Byward Market into the [Moulin de Provence] bakery that we usually go to. He bought cookies for his daughters. Big maple leaf cookies, with red icing and Canada on it. The baker refused to let him pay for them when he found out it was for his daughters. The rest of the day and the next week, those cookies were all sold out. Some secret service man went to look for snow globes which he collect. They found out he bought one with mounties in it and they are all sold out, including the keychain with a moose and maple leaf on it. Comedians are now doing skits on "Obama touched it", a store that sells the light switch from his hotel room, a mold of the snow where he stepped it, etc. Its been funny and good."

Want your own cookie? (I know I do!) Here's the story.

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