Monday, March 31, 2008

What a week

Remember back in January I was contacted by a friend I haven't seen in 12 years? Well, last week that friend came to stay with us. She's vegetarian so I planned a menu without meat for the entire week. It was a challenge but everything was delicious. I even put on a few pounds - eep! Because of the new job, I didn't want to play around with my schedule and so I didn't take any time off. Probably a good thing too because it was a crazy week... on Thursday I was there from 7am-5pm and in meetings for 5 hours.

The three of us had lunch together on Wednesday at Asian Bistro. Max took off Thursday and Friday. The two of them saw a lot of the sites... the botanical gardens, Natural History museum, and a bunch of the outdoor monuments. The cherry blossoms were out in bloom and quite beautiful.

Friday night we had two other friends over for dinner (feta walnut dip and pita chips, spinach salad with a homemade dressing, savory rice cakes, sauteed sweet peas and red bell pepper, and ice cream for dessert) and then watched the Secret of Nimh. On Saturday we went to the Washington National Cathedral. Saw alot more of it than the last time we went in 2003. They now have underground parking, which is great!

Yesterday we had a big breakfast and then drove out to Baltimore. We spent several hours at the National Aquarium in Baltimore and walked around the harbor area before going to the airport. It was a fun week and it was great catching up. Twelve years is a long time!

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