Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Something for me

So often, my knitting is gifted away. There are few things I knit this year that are truly mine. Although I have a crocheted acrylic Santa hat with a jingle bell and a tassel on the end from my childhood (that I still wear, the long white brim unrolled to accomodate my now larger head), I have always wanted something better. Something soft and fuzzy and designed to fit my head. And now that Max and I are heading to Disney World for Christmas, well, now is the time.

Christmas hat
The white yarn is Caron Bliss and the red is a cashmere that I bought at AC Moore right before the colour was discontinued. I have high hopes of finishing the hat before I see Mickey. Being able to wear it (when the forecasted highs are between 70 and 80) is another question altogether.
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