Monday, June 07, 2010

Some knitting

I haven't felt like knitting in months... my basket of UFOs (unfinished objects) has been sitting in my living room untouched, more decoration than anything else. Yesterday, Max and I went to a small arts and crafts festival in Old Town Alexandria. There was a booth there for Fiber Space, with some pretty yarn for sale. And a project that had just been started with big needles and big yarn. I sighed. "Kind of miss it," I said to Max. "Really?" He hasn't seen me display any interest in knitting in awhile. Even more surprising that I would do so when it was 93°F and so humid that I felt soggy. But after we got home, I started looking at my yarn. For something big. And big needles. What I found was worsted weight and US size 13 needles but still, it fit the bill good enough. And so I started knitting. For the first time in months. Felt good actually. A little hot, but good.
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