Monday, September 07, 2009

Virginia Beach Half Marathon

I am usually pretty conservative about my running and not usually subject to whims but this weekend I broke all my rules and signed up for the Virginia Beach Half-Marathon on the day before the race. I hadn't really trained specifically for this race and I definitely had my reservations... but I felt like I could definitely finish it without hurting myself. I ran with my friend Missy who has been trying to convince me to run with her for awhile now.

Look at that race course! It was actually a pretty good course with only one hill (which we climbed twice). The worst part was running through the navy base, especially when we got passed by someone we knew who is considerably older than us but we both pushed through and ran together the whole way.

Max was at the 2 mile and the 10 mile to cheer for us, take pictures, and act as race support by relieving us of anything we didn't want to carry and bringing us cool Smart Water to drink. It meant so much to see him there. He's been so supportive and really wonderful.

Here's the shot from the finish line video:

Many friends sent text messages and emails and facebook messages wishing us good luck and congratulating us on our finish. Thank you all for your support!

Official Results
Nicole 2:33:17
Missy 2:33:18
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