Saturday, September 26, 2009


This morning, Max and I ran the CLARENDON DAY 10K. It was cool this morning, only 58 when we got to the start line. I was apprehensive, not nervous, just worried about my knees and concerned that I wouldn't have a good run. We started at 9am and by the half mile mark, I was feeling good. After a long stretch of downhill running along Wilson Boulevard, I felt great. Max and I ran together to the turn around at about mile 4, then he began to run on ahead. He was almost always in sight, at least until the last half mile. I just kept pushing myself to not stop and I was able to finish strong - and without stopping to walk.

After the finish, we walked back to the start. Briefly checked out the Clarendon Day booths but headed back to the car around 11am just as it was starting to rain. After a hot shower, we had hearty "Oktoberfest" lunch at Food Matters.

Official Results
781/878 Max 1:05:14
792/878 Nicole 1:06:21
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