Sunday, September 14, 2008

CSA week 15

Yellow beans, grape tomatoes, large tomatoes, peaches, potatoes, cantaloupe, and eggs. If this week's allotment looks small it's because we're missing the pears and the shallots but I didn't feel like walking back to Food Matters to get them since I needed to go out. That was yesterday.

Today was a very food day, which is surprising because of the unexpected high heat and humidity but I was in the mood. So after breakfast I went to the West End Farmer's Market:

Can you spot the spinner? She's usually there every Sunday, though how she managed today in this weather is beyond me.

This afternoon I was pretty busy in the kitchen once I came home with all the right ingredient. I made French onion soup for dinner tonight and lasagna for dinner tomorrow with homemade pasta. Gotta use up those eggs!

As you can see, there was leftover pasta. It was all roughly cut up and cooked through for later. There's black pepper in it for looks. You can't actually taste it.
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