Monday, September 01, 2008

Beijing Eats, Part Two

It's another long one...

Asian Star
This is one of Max's favorite restaurants, a holdover from our highschool days at ISB. I had never been there before since they didn't start going until after I left Beijing... which turns out to be a good thing since it's all curry. I did enjoy all the bread dishes though, especially the sweet naan.

Street food
There was a dearth of street food compared to 13 years ago when I was last in Beijing. Max's Dad said it was because Chinese officials told them to all go home during the Olympics. What food we found was in the more permanent structures of the hutongs in Liulicheng or the formalised Night Market in Wangfujing. I love all the fried breads and steamed buns. Max was crazy and not only ate fried/grilled snake but also deep-fried scorpion. Thankfully he lived to tell the tale.

Airplane food (Beijing to Xian)
In China, it is still standard to receive a meal during flights. There are two options, Chinese or Western. Neither are very good but some parts are not bad.

Phrik Thai at the Lido
I like this place because the tables are set into the floor. The food is much spicier than the Thai food I am used to in the US but it is tasty and the non-alcoholic coconut slushy alleviated the extra heat.

Da Dong
On a recommendation from a highschool friend, Max's parents treated us to a veritable feast. With a table of 9, there was quite alot of food. The only disappointment? Only one western toilet in the ladies room.

Hard Rock Cafe
It's good to know that some things don't change too much in 13 years. And after two weeks of Chinese food, we needed something familiar.

Airplane Food (PEK to IAD)
Accompanied by Leatherheads.
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