Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mushrom Festival

Max and I drove to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania today for the 22nd Annual Mushroom Festival. The festival parking was at the highschool and we rode a school bus (first time in many years!) into town. We ate deep fried mushrooms, sauteed mushrooms, and brought home Herr's mushroom flavored chips (made specially for the festival).

I went to the local yarn store, Wool Gathering and bought some knitting needles, two sets made by Peace Fleece.

For lunch, we ate on the rooftop terrace at the Half Moon Restaurant & Saloon. We also browsed through a used bookstore and were able to find hard cover copies of two of our favorite books, Valley of the Horses and The Seeress of Kell, for only $3 each. And we saw these great mushroom stools at one of the booths. How cool are they?!?!

The weather was great but after four hours of walking around in the sun and through the crowds, we were both hot and tired.

Driving update
On the way home, while we were still in Pennsylvania, I switched with Max and drove 10 miles on Route 1. It was a little scary and I was very nervous but there were very few other cars on the road and I did pretty good until my 10 miles were up and I pulled over by an off ramp to switch back with Max... and the guy behind me stuck his arm out the window and gave me the finger. I have no idea why! Max says I did a really good job driving and I was going at 60-65mph and I didn't get in his way of going on the off ramp. Who knows! Some people are just jerks. But I'm really excited that I did it.
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